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Tuberculosis (TB) / Latent Tuberculosis (LTBI)

Tuberculosis (TB) / Latent Tuberculosis (LTBI)

Artemisia annua and Artemisia afra extracts exhibit strong antimicrobial activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

The Emergence of drug-resistant and multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MDR-TB) strains is a major barrier to tuberculosis (TB) eradication, as it leads to longer treatment regimens and in many cases treatment failure. Thus, there is an urgent need to explore new TB drugs and combinations, in order to shorten TB treatment and improve outcomes.  In 2020, an estimated 10 million people developed active TB, resulting in 1.5 million deaths and making it the second leading cause of death from an infectious disease after Covid-19! Latent TB is when a person is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, but does not have active tuberculosis. And the situation is dramatic because the disease becomes resistant to conventional pharmaceutical treatments. In addition Covid-19 is surging globally, threatening to overwhelm health systems and adversely impact the care of other diseases. Because underlaying lung disease is associated with higher mortality in patients with Covid-19, patients with (TB) who become ill with Covid-19 may have increased risk of poor outcomes. This is especially true for patients with (MDR-TB) because they have an increased number of cavities and lobar volume decrease compared with patients with drug-susceptible TB.

The following clinical trials illustrate Artemisia afra and Artemisia annua breakthroughs against TB and MDR-TB.

Published Study Summaries

Breaking news: Artemisia afra cures tuberculosis

Pulmonary administration of Artemisia afra against tuberculosis

Artemisia annua and Artemisia afra extracts exhibit strong bactericidal activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Artemisia annua and Artemisia afra extracts exhibit strong …

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