Juliette Binoche offered the Pope an artemisia plant, which could constitute an effective treatment against malaria, but whose therapeutic virtues have not yet been confirmed by clinical studies. “We must ensure that the poor can cultivate this plant,” she pleaded.

What relationship do you have with nature? How do you respect it?
When I can, I take care of my garden, my flowers and my herbs… I have a plant of the famous “Artemisia annua” that I watch grow with delight. It’s an immunity-boosting herb, and I wait for her to make seeds to give to friends. You cannot buy it, because it is banned for sale in France, but you have the right to get seeds from Kokopelli and to sow seedlings in the spring. I was amazed that Paris Match was talking about it recently. It is used in Africa against malaria, but its effectiveness has not yet been “proven” by scientific trials. In the meantime, I take herbal teas every day and I am doing like a charm!