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antimicrobial peptide topical wound dressing

Atelier Temenos llc is currently developing, as sponsor, an antimicrobial hydrogel based upon a naturally derived cationic peptide. This information is currently available only to provide basic information regarding cationic+ and not for commercial benefit, until FDA registration is complete.

antimicrobial peptide hydrogels

Antimicrobial peptides represent an important mechanism of innate immunity and are necessary for the survival of multicellular organisms. Biotechnology produced, antimicrobial peptides provide a powerful tool for treating injections with bacterial strains resistant against multiple common antibiotics.

The rapid emergence of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic microbes is becoming an imminent global health problem. Treatment with conventional antibiotics often leads to resistance development as the majority of these antibiotics act on intracellular targets, leaving the bacterial morphology intact. Thus, they are highly prone to development resistance through mutation. Much effort has been made to develop macromolecular antimicrobial agents that are less susceptible to resistance as they function by microbial membrane disruption. Antimicrobial hydrogels constitute an important class of macromolecular antimicrobial agents, which have been shown to be effective in preventing and treating multidrug –resistant infections. Advances in synthetic chemistry have made it possible to tailor molecular structure and functionality to impart broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity, as well as, predictable mechanical and rheological properties.