Nutra-floc ™ as a coag-flocculant is a natural “reef safe”, vegan water treatment for removal of suspended organic and mineral particles including protozoan stages of oodinium and cryptocaryan. It has been effective in coag-flocculation of microalgae and bacterial blooms. Not a bacteria-based product – actually it is an anti-bacterial, active cationic polyelectrolyte having molecular weights between 7 – 17. It has been used as a non-toxic natural polypeptide and works like a primary coagulant as natural bridges are continuously formed between colloid particles. With wastewater treatment, nutra-floc™ is a viable replacement for chemicals such as aluminum sulphate (alum) which can be toxic and expensive for developing countries.

Nutra-floc™ as an animal feed is a good source of protein supplement because of:

I) high crude protein (approx. 22%), all of which is in the form of a true protein

II) high availability of protein postruminal (69%) of the total protein and high pepsin digestibility

III) virtual absence or presence of negligible levels of antinutrional factors such as tannins, saponins,
alkaloids, inhibitors of typsin and amylase, lectin, cyanogenic glucosides and glucosinolates

IV) higher concentration of sulfur-containing amino acids than that of of the recommended amino acid
pattern of FAO/WHO/UNO reference protein for 2 to 5 year old children

V) high fiber content (approx. 22%) It may be noted that the presence of elevated sulphercontaining amino acids would offer ruminant animals some protection against toxic factors since these acids are known to enhance the detoxification process of the animal by acting as methyl donors in various organs.