a safe and effective natural growth stimulant

Introducing Phyto+Gro2, the organic rooting compound that promotes vigorous growth and improves yields. Tested on commercial crops with outstanding results, Phyto+Gro2 is ideal for cloning and increases vigor and health of plants at all stages of growth due a high concentration of natural growth enhancers. It’s versatile and can be used for soil and hydroponic systems.

Phyto+Gro2 contains NO SYNTHETICS or HARMFUL CHEMICALS! Because our source plants have been used for food and medicine for centuries, this is a safe, non-toxic way to achieve amazing increase in the growth of plants! See reverse for study results.



Our Phyto+Gro2 organic blend equals or exceeds the Essential Plant Nutrient Levels for Plants (Hopkins & Hunter, Plant Physiology) for the following nutrients: phosphorous, potassium, calcium, sulfur, and iron. It also contains significant amounts of sulfur (lowers the soil pH in alkaline soils for enhanced plant nutrient uptake), manganese, zinc, and copper. Most of the nitrogen is slow-release and is bonded with the pure plant leaf matter blend.

This organic blend not only provides nutrients to growing plants but, as it decays, it also nourishes soil organisms and contributes to carbon sequestration within the soil ecosystem. Synthetic fertilizers are not as readily assimilated by the soil ecosystem so that water runoff carries nutrients to streams causing eutrophication. Since this product is being raised in Haiti, and some product will be used to raise thousands of reforestation trees, soil ecosystem enhancement will also apply to restoration efforts there.

Medicinal Cannabis testings within the USA and EU have tissue culture and cloning rooting accuracy at 98%. In tests with hot pepper (Capsicum anuum), 24 days after treatment with Phyto-Gro organic fertilizer pellets thetreated seedlings had 117% more leaf area and by 55 days were 47% taller than those not treated.

A water-alcohol extract, from one of the plants included in this product, when applied to several food crop species (corn, sugar cane, coffee, peanut, soya bean, onion, tomato, sorghum, cantalope, bell pepper, black bean) increased yield by an average of 25% as well as producing more hardy plants. The primary reason for the increase in yield was attributed to the presence of phytohormones and in particular those in the cytokinine group such as zeatin.

ON SAFETY: The plants used in this Phyto+Gro2 compound have been used for medicinal and nutritionaluses for hundreds of years and are not harmful if consumed. Only recently have they been considered for agricultural purposes.

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