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100% Dried Leaf Material (DLM) of Artemisia afra


Artemisia afra is a common species of the genus Artemisia in Africa, with a wide distribution from South Africa, to areas reaching to the North and East, as far as Ethiopia. A. afra is the only indigenous species in this genus for Africa and is now being propagated  and manufactured in the form of  Artemed™ capsules at our nursery in Homestead, Florida, USA! Artemed™ is a non-GMO, herbal supplement capsule.

Atelier Temenos llc, recognizes the need for quality assurances (Q/A) within the botanical products industry and have added Q/A plus standardization practices from propagation to manufacturing within its cGAP certified Artemisia Nursery and cGMP certified Artemed™ manufacturing facilities.  Artemed™ is handcrafted in small batches to maintain purity, authenticity and strength as a non-GMO cultivar, ‘dried leaf Artemisia afra’. Artemisia afra’s natural combination of multiple flavonoids and terpenes provide a very high level of therapeutic efficiency and is being verified within clinical trials.


Where as Artemisia annua (sweet wormwood) is a recognized FDA/GRAS herbal, Artemisia afra has been consumed over the centuries as one of the most popular and commonly used herbal medicines. A. afra is legal throughout Africa as per WHO procedures. One of the active ingredients of Artemisia annua is artemisinin (ARS) that has been developed and used world wide as artemisinin combination therapy (ACT) an anti-malaria drug. But it is expensive to produce, is in short supply in areas hit hardest by the disease and the malaria parasite is showing signs of resistance to ACT. Artesunate is an intravenous form of artemisinin and has recently been approved by the CDC/USA as a first-line treatment for sever malaria in the combination form of (ASAQ). Artemisinin content in Artemisia afra has shown to be negligible, however, in a double blind randomized clinical trial A. afra infusions were superior or at least equivalent to ASAQ against malaria. In contrast to ASAQ, A. afra polytherapy appeared to break down the cycle of malaria by eliminating gametocytes.

Artemisia afra completely inhibits transmission of gametocytes…

Interestingly, the bioactivity of A. afra is not restricted to malaria treatment.


WHO forecasts an alarming increase of diabetes world wide with a high death toll if no efficient and affordable cure is found. During A. afra infusions for therapy and prophylaxis against malaria, a team of African doctors noticed that several patients who simultaneously suffered from diabetes saw their clinical signs alleviated. They followed up to 5 cases, prolonging the standard 7 days antimalarial treatment to several weeks. The 5 patients were cured from diabetes and it was a long-range effect. The treatment also significantly lowered the hepic ASAT and ALAT values.

Artemisia afra alleviates and cures diabetes | MalariaWorld…


Schistosomiasis (bilharzia), a serious neglected tropical disease affecting millions, has few cost-effective treatments, A. afra was compared with the current praziquantel (PZQ) treatment in an 800 patient clinical trial, in 2015. The double blind, randomized, superiority clinical trials showed that within 14 days of treatment, all A. afra treated patients had no detectable eggs in fecal smears, a result sustained 28 days post treatment. A. afra provided faster and effective treatment of schistosomiasis than PZQ treatment.

Effect of Artemisia annua and Artemisia afra tea infusions on ……

Artemisia afra is usually employed for treating a variety of other ailments such as coughs, colds, headaches, chills, dyspepsia, loss of appetite, gastric derangements, colic, croup, whooping cough, gout, asthma, bladder and kidney disorders, influenza, convulsions, fever, heart inflammation, rheumatism and is also used as a purgative.

Until now, 131 compounds have been identified from the extracted oil of A. afra. Most of these compounds can be classified as monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes. A. afra is rich in terpenes and is therefore likely to have valuable biological activities. Conducted tests have indicated that A. afra has broad-spectrum inhibitory activity against organism such as:

Germ-positive bacteria

            – Listeria

            -Staphylococcus aureus

            – Streptococcus

Germ-negative bacteria

            -Escherichia coli

            -E. carotovora

            -A. johnsonii

            -Ralstonia picketti


            -Candida albicans

            -Hanseniaspora vinae

            -S. cerevisias

Artemisia afra: A potential flagship for African medicinal …

For a thorough analysis of Artemisia afra, one can consult the Magister Scientiae Degree (M.Sc) submission of Yusra Kriel, at the University of Western Cape, South Africa.

The immune-modulating activity of Artemisia afra…

How does Artecinua™ stand apart……….

100% Artemisia afra DLA capsule

Artemed™ captures the synergistic effects of the whole A. afra plant’s dried leaves (DLA), there are no other commercial A. annua DLA capsules available globally, that have cGAP and cGMP certifications. Extracts of A. afra focus primarily upon limited active ingredients; however, delivery and absorption levels are questionable. A. afra teas are very effective, however, preparation and quality control of the tea is an issue.

Safety and Dosage

Artemisia annua (sweet wormwood) is a recognized FDA/GRAS herbal, Artemisia afra has been consumed over the centuries as a one of the most popular and commonly used herbal medicines. A. afra is legal throughout Africa as per WHO procedures. There have been scores of clinical trials using A. afra and used as tea infusions over the centuries with no significant side effects. Artemed™ has used the safe dosage of A. afra provided via clinical trials and will continue to evaluate future dosage trials as each case presents itself.

Quality Assurance

Artemed™ is a protocol controlled product with cGAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certification from AmeriCert International and cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification from ASI. There are no A. annua products on the commercial market that can meet those Q/A certifications, globally. Each A. annua DLA batch is Q/A protocol level analyzed for flavonoid, terpenes and nutritional supplement contents at the Plant Chemical Ecology Lab, within Florida International University. Miami, Fl.  Further microbial and heavy metal analyses are done at the Kaycha Lab, in Miami, Florida. Thus all aspects of propagation to bottling of Artemed™ are locally validated as ‘Made in the USA’. Our cGMP manufacturing facility is designed exclusively for Artecinua™ and Artemed™ for further Q/A assurances

Artemed™ availability

For the present Artemed™ will be available for case study, clinical trials, and medical providers, only. It is the intent of atelier temenos llc, to continue providing the quality assurances that have initiated the development of Artemed™, so as to be able to reach a global need addressing ‘natural product’ efficacy against tropical diseases, at an affordable price.